As a Mediator, Margaret is committed to peacemaking and helping parties generate options to resolve their conflict.

Mediation for Child Custody, Divorce, Elder Care, and Business Disputes in Reno, Carson, Lake Tahoe, and throughout Northern Nevada

What is Mediation?


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People are behaving badly. At least, that’s what I think most times I watch the evening news. Scathing insults are recklessly flung about; people are easily agitated; random acts of kindness and good manners seem to be the exception rather than the rule. This kind of behavior engenders unnecessary conflict. Of course, even without bad behavior, interpersonal conflict is a fact of everyday life. While some people act in ways to escalate conflict, others are so distressed by it they spend most of their time avoiding it, sometimes at the cost of a relationship. But conflict is not always a bad thing. I often do an exercise when teaching mediation or communication skills. I ask everyone to say the first word that comes to mind when thinking about conflict. People usually throw out words such as “fight,” “anger,” “frustration,” “war.” Rarely does anyone think of positive words like “change,” &ldquo  READ MORE >

Elder Care Mediation

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It's 7 p.m. and you've just finished cleaning up after dinner. You are just about to turn on the TV when your cell phone rings. You think about not answering it but it's your sister, Elaine. You don't hear from her often and it's pretty late for her to be calling from the east coast. You answer the phone hoping it's not bad news … but it is. Your mother has fallen and broken her hip. She's in recovery after a two hour surgery. At eighty-two, your mom is fiercely independent. She has lived for fifty-eight years in the same house you grew up in. It's where she lived with your dad until he passed away five years ago. Mom has always done her own shopping, cleaning and cooking, but you noticed that she looked increasing frail during that visit home last Christmas. You made a mental note that you should call her more often. It's so hard to keep track of what's going on when you live 2,700 miles away. Elaine, on the other hand, lives only a few blocks away from   READ MORE >

Conflict Resolution Training Available:

Margaret offers 6 hour conflict resolution training to help people approach conflict constructively.  Participants will emerge from this training with practical strategies and techniques to:

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